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“Thank you for showing interest in gaining ministry experience with Through The Gate! Our mission is to love God by serving women who seek to rebuild their lives. Women come from around the country to get help with life dominating issues like addiction, coming out of prison, and trauma. If you have a heart to disciple the lost and broken, come stay with us for the summer!Please prayerfully consider this avenue to ministry as the next step in your walk with Christ.”

Apply for internship at Through The Gate

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More about internships at Through The Gate

You should apply if you are interested in:

  • Christian Ministry

  • Counseling Women

  • Social Work / Human Services

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Administration

  • Starting your own ministry

  • Communications & Development

  • Event Planning


What you will gain:

Your individual gifts, skills, and interests will influence the direction of your experience!


  • Counseling Experience | Participate:

Interns will participate in team counseling, as the 2nd chair to the lead counselor.


  • Spiritual Leadership Skills | Making Disciples:

Interns will do life with the women in our home! They will help residents with cooking, job training, supervising, transporting, leading, teaching, encouraging & supporting.


  • Nonprofit Management Skills | Job Shadowing:

Be a part of the staff team at Through The Gate, helping with various duties and board meetings! Opportunities include participation in business operations, marketing, communications & development, administration, volunteer coordination, and event planning.



  • 200 a month (general food, housing & local transportation included)

  • Plus hourly wages with church partner, Rock Point Church


General Job Description:

Summer Internship

  • Receive live counseling experience in team counseling

  • Receive experienced mentorship and guidance to discern your call to ministry

  • Learn to minister to the deepest hurts and hang ups in society

  • Help women rebuild their lives by sharing application theology 

  • Supervise activities, fellowships, and devotions

  • Transport the ladies to scheduled outings when needed

  • Cover overnight shifts when needed

  • Help the residents with meal prep and cooking

  • Assist staff with their occupational fields

  • Work alongside residents in job training (cleaning) for CFC (cleaning for Christ)

  • Assist in training and directing women in the program

  • Attend Rock Point Church and spend a portion of your time volunteering there



  • Must affirm our Statement of Faith

  • Must engage in our discipleship process (gather, grow, go)

  • Must be accountable to Through The Gate staff

  • Must engaged in studies & fellowship

  • Must adhere to our confidentiality agreements

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