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"Today is a special day for me. At this time last year I was captive to a gruesome meth and heroin addiction. I was a slave to the world and everything in it, captive to the treadmill of lusts. It's a hole from which I narrowly escaped: rescued by the grace of God. Many times I took what should have been my last breath after another lethal injection. But God preserved me. Many times I severed ties with those I once held dear because they stood between me and my self destructive mania. But God was in concert beside me in my disobedience. And after all the pain, and death, and suffering, I can say this.... Thank God for making me worthy of suffering, in order that I may experience the truth of Him more fully. If it took several attempts of suicide, a lifetime of anxiety and depression, and years of romancing futile world-views to bring me to the end of myself so that I could see the truth, then it was worth it. And I would do it again a thousand times if it would demonstrate His worth.  And secondly, thank God for using Through the Gate to draw me closer to Himself and fortify my faith. The discipleship treatment I received for my addiction there was unlike any other solution I have ever heard of. I've never seen a more effective way to rid a heart of darkness, than through the teachings of the atoning love of Christ. I know who He is and who He says I am. Through the Gate has shown me how to surrender my life to Him and I do it every day. The love, joy, peace, hope, truth, and identity that is found in serving the Lord surpasses understanding. I am so honored to be a part of Through the Gate, which I can only describe as an instrument of God's good will. Oh, to be loved by Christ." -Bella/Graduate



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