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Departing with a hopeful return..

It isn't "goodbye", it's "see you later"! We gave our blessings to Moonie, one of our recent graduates, as she walked out the doors after 8 months of hardwork and transformation. It is always hard to see our ladies go but we rejoice when it isn't far and they desire to give back. Moonie plans to continue on as a volunteer like several of our other graduates and we look forward to staying with her in her walk with Christ. She stated:

"I have learned and been able to forgive the predators of my past. I have let go of the shame that I had been carrying around for so long. The wall that I once put up as protection for myself has been torn down. My family relationships that have been broken for many years have been restored to me. I know this only happened because of the Lord."

The transition back into daily life can be challenging but she has the support of her fiance and family to back her up, along with TTG and the strength of knowing God.All of our graduates will be missed! Sending them off with prayers for growth and whole hearted devotion to God.

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