You are not defined by your past. For in Christ, you are a new creation.


Hannahs Story


My name is Hannah. I have been outgoing, goofy, creative, and adventurous since I was young. But behind the put together representation my family portrayed, a close relative was sexually abusing me as early as I can remember. My life was highly controlled and manipulated, resulting in a confused understanding of love, protection, and Christianity. I struggled with feelings of being used, unwanted, and rejected. 

For years as a child, I remember crying on the ground in my room, making pleas and begging God to help me and to get me out. When I was convinced that He wasn't there and left, I felt alone. As The pain continued, the more resentful I became towards God and His word. I started dealing with depression and an eating disorder. I was put on medications at age 14 and was allowed to see a therapist. As I went through school, my symptoms were always treated and talked about but the root of where the issues stemmed was not spoken of.

I felt trapped like nothing was working. I was miserable, alone, unworthy, and angry. With my mental and physical health problems, we jumped from doctor to doctor. Late one evening, I decided I was done with life and wanted out. From my previous attempts I knew I had to make sure I died this time.

I woke up in the ICU 4 days after my suicide attempt that night, the doctors were surprised I made it. From that day on I knew that God hadn't left me, and he did have me on the earth for a reason and a purpose. I chose to go to church on my own and I craved a personal relationship with God. But I was lukewarm, still choosing to live a life of sin rather than one with purpose. Eventually, I lost everything that was important to me. People truly do not understand how easily you can fall into alcohol and drug addiction by little choices over time until you get to a point where you look at your life and ask God “how did I get here?”

When I came to Through The Gate, it took me a very long time to open up to anyone. I was plagued with fear and anxiety. There was a lot of grieving, but there came a point where a weight was lifted. I was free for the first time from the prison I kept myself in and I started to see that I couldn't continue to carry on a sinful lie/image for my family and follow Christ. I ended the relationships in my family, which has been very sad but one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Though I’ve lost to the world what seems like everything important, I’ve gained a spiritual family who has loved me like Christ.

I’ve learned and grown more in Christ and knowledge of the bible, I’ve successfully been off all psych medications for a year, I’ve gained true joy, I’ve learned to appropriately feel feelings, I’ve begun to overcome my fear of sickness, and learned to take my thoughts captive. I don't need medication to help me sleep at night anymore.

I’ve found purpose in pain, hope for my future, work ethic, practical life skills, dependence on God for my needs, biblical boundaries, freedom to practice the 4 rules of communication and keeping friendships, and to humble myself and ask for help. I crave to learn more and go deeper in God’s word.

I hope to help others see the hope in Christ alone through sharing my story. There is no one and nothing like Him. The old me is gone and I am confident of who I am in Him. Nowhere in the bible does it say that following Christ and living for Him is going to be easy, but I can promise you He is worth it! I don't wish that my life was different or that those awful things wouldn't have happened or even that I didn't choose to sin and respond the way I did to my trauma. If those things didn't happen to me and I didn’t sin over and over again, or almost lose my life, I wouldn't have seen how much I needed a savior. I wouldn't have seen that He could save me and turn my life around for his glory and a greater purpose.  Jesus IS worth everything you are afraid of losing.

A word of encouragement from some of our ladies... 
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"40+ years of hard drug addiction. Through 8 months of intensive drug, personal and Christian counseling, I am drug free and have my own business"



"Because of what Jesus has done, I love and accept myself.  He has given me a new nature...  All of my confusing thoughts and questions are answered through God’s Word."



"GOD is the main reason I am sober today but if it weren't for God working through the lovely people and through this program I would not be where I am at today"


"Through The Gate changed my life! By attending this facility I gained a whole new perspective on addiction. I was taught how to overcome my addiction with God by my side!"

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TTG is a life saving rehabilitation center! My life completely changed the moment I walked through the doors. The  loving volunteers and staff are there through every step of your journey


I love the curriculum it provided and highly recommend this program to anyone who suffers from the stronghold of alcohol and drugs.


"I was filling the void with everything but God. Christ and all His glory and everything He's done for us is mind blowing. I see the world in a different way now with God in it"

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"Good support for all who are lost and broken! Through The Gate helps you learn biblically how to handle things you are struggling with"


"Being pushed out of my comfort zone was all part of growing! Trusting in the Lord was a hard thing to learn because I had never really trusted anyone in my life." 


I had no relationship with God....I might have talked to Him a time or two but I didn’t really know Him or understand the gospel. I was not familiar with His promises and faithfulness.


It doesn’t matter how many times you failed or got knocked down, God will meet you right where you are. It’s at the end of yourself that God shows up.

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"Jesus is the ONLY thing more powerful than addiction. A relationship with Him is the only thing that’s given me a chance. Without that hunger for Jesus, I would have no recovery."


"This is the only program that has worked. My mom came here too and ended up re-marrying my dad after giving her life to Christ. God restored my family through the gift of repentance."


When I started to view TTG as an opportunity and not a punishment, my heart and life truly began to transform and change.


I not only graduated this program, I am on staff now and I couldn't be more grateful to witness the workings of the Lord using this women rehab!


Through The Gate has changed my life. It's a wonderful ministry that helps women that are suffering with addiction learn how to live clean and sober lives through Jesus Christ.


This program has truly changed my life. Staff and volunteers surround each lady with love and compassion while showing them a new way to live.


"It's crazy to see how much my life has changed... If I didn't give my life over to God idk where I'd be right now. And I am so thankful for God placing me at Through The Gate"