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You are not defined by your past. For in Christ, you are a new creation.



2022 Graduate Testimony:

In November of 1987, I found out and was diagnosed with class 4 cervical cancer.  I ended up having to have a cone biopsy done where they cut out the tip of your cervix.  When I was at home recovering, I started having really bad cervical pains and started bleeding.  I went into the bathroom and felt something fall out of me and thought my insides were falling out.  I looked down and it was a fetus!!  I was over 3 months pregnant and didn't even know it. That really messed me up. 


Then one day a friend of his came over and introduced us to crack. We didn't even know what it was but we liked it and thus began an 8 year battle with it.  By this time, we had our wedding date set.  We still got married even though we were using, but never really had a marriage because we were so deep into it.  Our marriage was a fairy tale turned into a nightmare.  We eventually lost everything and ended up living out on the street just to support our habit. I was also in and out of treatment facilities and lost count of how many for my addiction.


I ended up selling my soul to the devil and while I was out there 'chasing Jason" I was kidnapped, strangled, held at gunpoint and was raped.  I was even raped by the same guy twice. I also ended up getting pregnant by who knows, and I was starting to show so I was probably about 5 months along.  My family encouraged me to have an abortion which I regret to this day but I know God has forgiven me for that. We got divorced around 1993 so we were married about 5 years.  After that, I went and copped a couple of rocks for an undercover and got busted and charged with a class A felony for dealing within a thousand feet of a school yard. 


I ended up spending 6 months in jail and was placed on probation for 2 1/2 years.  After jail, I also went to a halfway house in Indianapolis.  I was there for around 3 to 4 months. Anyway, right after the tail end of that mess, I met Bill.  He got in on the tail end of my crack addiction.  When I lived in the halfway house, Bill would come and visit me there.  A got a job at a hotel and would ride my bike there and ran into Bill one morning when he had gotten off the interstate after having a flat tire.  Of all the exits he could have had that happen on, it was the one right by me.  After that and a couple other coincidences, I moved in with him in November of 1995. 


We lived together for 6 months and got married on April 27, 1996. From 1995 until 2005, I did not drink, do drugs or anything.  I was completely clean during that time.  On January 21, 1999 I had my one and only child. She grew up in a dysfunctional family as Bill and I were never on the same page and we would fight a lot over pretty much anything.  During her childhood, she got a lot of the things that she wanted so she never grew up without.  In 2005, I went on a family vacation and we had drinks while there.  That was the beginning of my battle with alcohol.  It started out slowly, of course, and I liked the buzz that I got from it.  Gradually I started mixing my drinks stronger and stronger.


A Lot of times, I was a "mean" drunk and would get aggressive with Bill, causing things to be worse.  In 2015 I got my 1st DWI.  I ended up wrecking my car, spent the night in jail, and the next day, lost my job of almost 19 years.I was placed on 6 months probation and lost my license for 3 months.  I was also required to go to counseling during my probation.  After I got my license back and bought another car and had odd jobs off and on for several years.  I either lost my jobs or would quit due to my frequent use of alcohol.  It got to the point where I could hardly go without it for one day.  Not to mention, that my body was so dependent on alcohol that I would need it in order to feel "normal". 


It got to the point where Bill would take my keys away from me so that I couldn't go to the liquor store and buy booze.  I still found ways to get it sometimes, including calling a taxi or riding my bike to the liquor store even though it was about a 4 hour round trip.  My family always knew when I was drinking, and I could never get away with them not knowing.  It caused all kinds of problems with my life and home and my family was very concerned with me.  I would get so plastered that a few times I fell down and didn't even know it and they started taking pictures of me to prove it to me and show me what I looked like. I still kept drinking though. 


In December 2020, I had been drinking for several days and when Bill was in the shower, I took my car key and got more booze.  When Bill discovered I was gone, he called the cops and turned me in for drinking and driving.  I ended up getting busted in my driveway and taken to jail.  I ended up going to treatment for 28 days and then went to court in March of 2021.  I was put on 45 days house arrest and then 9 months probation.  I ended up getting specialized driving privileges and was still using when I had to do drug screens.  In December of 2021, I violated probation and spent 3 weeks in jail and was sentenced and approved by the judge to come to Through The Gate faith-based treatment facility.  That was in January.  I am getting ready to graduate on and I will miss everyone here. I have learned alot about God and other things. It was the best thing that ever happened to me and I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life!! 

A word of encouragement from some of our ladies... 
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"40+ years of hard drug addiction. Through 8 months of intensive drug, personal and Christian counseling, I am drug free and have my own business"



"Because of what Jesus has done, I love and accept myself.  He has given me a new nature...  All of my confusing thoughts and questions are answered through God’s Word."



"GOD is the main reason I am sober today but if it weren't for God working through the lovely people and through this program I would not be where I am at today"


"Through The Gate changed my life! By attending this facility I gained a whole new perspective on addiction. I was taught how to overcome my addiction with God by my side!"

Lindsay S_edited.jpg

TTG is a life saving rehabilitation center! My life completely changed the moment I walked through the doors. The  loving volunteers and staff are there through every step of your journey


I love the curriculum it provided and highly recommend this program to anyone who suffers from the stronghold of alcohol and drugs.


"I was filling the void with everything but God. Christ and all His glory and everything He's done for us is mind blowing. I see the world in a different way now with God in it"

Alisha S_edited.jpg

"Good support for all who are lost and broken! Through The Gate helps you learn biblically how to handle things you are struggling with"


"Being pushed out of my comfort zone was all part of growing! Trusting in the Lord was a hard thing to learn because I had never really trusted anyone in my life." 


I had no relationship with God....I might have talked to Him a time or two but I didn’t really know Him or understand the gospel. I was not familiar with His promises and faithfulness.


It doesn’t matter how many times you failed or got knocked down, God will meet you right where you are. It’s at the end of yourself that God shows up.

Alesha B_edited.jpg

"Jesus is the ONLY thing more powerful than addiction. A relationship with Him is the only thing that’s given me a chance. Without that hunger for Jesus, I would have no recovery."


"This is the only program that has worked. My mom came here too and ended up re-marrying my dad after giving her life to Christ. God restored my family through the gift of repentance."


When I started to view TTG as an opportunity and not a punishment, my heart and life truly began to transform and change.


I not only graduated this program, I am on staff now and I couldn't be more grateful to witness the workings of the Lord using this women rehab!


Through The Gate has changed my life. It's a wonderful ministry that helps women that are suffering with addiction learn how to live clean and sober lives through Jesus Christ.


This program has truly changed my life. Staff and volunteers surround each lady with love and compassion while showing them a new way to live.


"It's crazy to see how much my life has changed... If I didn't give my life over to God idk where I'd be right now. And I am so thankful for God placing me at Through The Gate"


"If those things didn't happen to me and I didn’t sin over and over again, or almost lose my life, I would never have seen how much I needed a savior."

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