​Through The Gate is an intensive discipleship program tailored to help adult women who desire to change their lives. Under the compassionate care of staff, former graduates, mentors, and volunteers, our residents are immersed in the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ for at least 8 months. 


We are not just a faith based treatment center, we are Christ-centered. Our program focuses on redefining world-views, developing constructive thought patterns, and fostering an examined heart. All of this is accomplished through the authority of scripture and the living hope therein.

Many graduates have been transformed through developing a knowledge and love for God's word. The revelation of God's wisdom and essence is the avenue for permanent and lasting change. By learning who He is and who He created us to be, we are given a new purpose that can not be matched. Time and time again we see that when our participants begin practicing life God's way and putting Him first, everything else begins falling into place. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a locked down facility?

No. While the facility is always under supervision by approved volunteers or staff, the residents are able (but not generally advised) to leave the program if they decide to.

Will I be able to have my phone?

Phones are not permitted until after at least 30 days, sometimes longer. This is decision is decided by the staff. After this, personal phone use times are subject to change depending on the needs of the individual or the group. Apart from that, there are alotted phone times twice a week for 15 minutes on the resident phone line. Resident ID# is required for incoming calls.

Will I be able to have visitors?

Visits are not permitted until after at least 30 days, sometimes longer. This is decision is decided by the staff. All visitors must be approved.

Will I be free to come and go?

While we are not a locked down facility, our residents are not at liberty to leave the building without approval.

Will I recieve counseling?

Yes. Each resident is typically assiged a counselor within the first 30 days.

Can I bring my car?

Yes. This does not mean that you will automatically be permitted to drive or access it while you are in the program. Like all personal property, vehicles will be searched.

Do I have to be a Christian?

No. But all applicants should be aware that the entire structure of our program is founded on the belief that the word of God is authoratative and true. All residents are required to engage and participate in activities and assignments that align with those beliefs.

Do I have to work?

Participants are not permitted to get jobs while they are in the program. However, our program offers job training in commercial cleaning and community service opportunities, where residents are required to work and serve as needed.

What if I am pregnant?

Through The Gate is not a medical healthcare facility and does not allow children to enter the program at this time. That being said, if you are pregnant and in need, please contact us to explore options that might be available to you. You may also reach out to Dr.Katie Towles from Fransiscan Alliance in Lafayette IN to inquire about Opioid Addiction Help For Pregnant Women at 765-428-5990 or katie.towles@franciscanalliance.org

Can I bring my medicine?

Yes. However, we do not accept applicants who are dependant on any habit forming substances. Please contact your healthcare provider before making changes to your current medicinal plan.

How should pack for my stay?

New arrivals should pack a wardrobe with consideration to the seasons they will be enrolled. Inappropriate clothing will be confiscated. General hygiene products, food, and clothes are available for those in need. Please pack modestly because storage space is limited and communal. If the quantity of your belongings exceeds the space provided for you, your excess items may be locked away until graduation or sent back to your home. Likewise, unapproved books, movies, music, other items or entertainment will be made unaccessible until graduation or sent home. All items will be subject to search at any time without warning.

How much does the program cost?

There is no application fee. We have an intake fee of $200 that is required before admittance through cash or money order only, no checks will be accepted for the intake fee. After the first 30 days you will pay $320 a month for 7 months. Monthly fees can be submitted only through cash, check, or money order. There is no online payment option. We do not accept Recovery Works or Insurance. The total cost of our program is $2,440.

How am I supposed to cover my fees if I cannot have a job?

Women have reached out to local churches to sponsor their stay, they have created gofundme accounts, been supported by family and friends, or used their tax returns to cover their fees. Facebook also offers a fundraiser option. We do not accept Recovery Works or Insurance.

What if I have an open court or DSC case?

We accept residents with open cases and work with DCS. Children are not allowed to live at our facility, but visitations are encouraged. We typically have child visitations inside our home. All appointments are scheduled on Tuesdays if possible and Through The Gate provides transportation when needed.

What if I am on house arrest?

Ah, so you are here to stay! Get cozy, this is perfectly common.

What if I am on probation?

We are happy to provide regular updates and drug screens to probation and help you keep your committments to your officer.