Building Theology 
The Bible

All classes, counseling, and self-studies are centered around the Bible. We find within its pages instruction for healthy communication, relationship building, reconciliation, the wisdom in self-control, patience, and how to love others. It tells us the value of a hard work ethic, respect for authority, and the right view of the self. We learn from the bible how to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God through this life. The word of God gives us all we need for life and godliness. Through delighting in God’s perfect design for us, we are transformed. He gives us a new heart to serve and a desire to put to end our temporal thinking.

A message from our Director

"Along with the listed curriculum, the residents are learning how to cook, clean, do yard work, and other domestic and team building skills. All these are combined with the intention of teaching them the joy of a job well done and preparing them to handle these duties when they leave. Residents also receive regular counseling and are involved in community projects to help them to learn to serve others."

-Soli Deo Gloria-
Steve Covington
Executive Director
Through The Gate

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Girls Gone Wise

(By Mary Kassian)

A comparison between women in proverbs 31 versus proverbs 7 is used to challenge and refine our idea of womanhood. God has a lot to say about the value of a godly woman.

Book Study