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TTG - Opening Restaurant

About "The Mustard Seed", located in Waynetown IN

Since 2014, women from all over the country have called Through The Gate "home" during times of hardship. We help with life-controlling issues like addiction, trauma, mental health support, and chronic homelessness. After completing our 8 month life recovery program, women often still need assistance with safe and secure employment opportunities, housing, childcare, and transportation. This restaurant is one, of hopefully many, answered prayers to meet those ongoing needs. It only takes faith as big as a mustard seed to move mountains! So, we want to invite you to share in our excitement as we get closer and closer to pinning down an opening date. It's so close, we can almost taste it!

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MISSION & VISION: "The Mustard Seed is more than just a restaurant, it’s a mission. We exist to gather our community through delicious meals, while supporting women in Christ-centered life recovery at Through The Gate. By eating here, you are a part of a nationwide ripple effect of hope. You are investing in the lives of women who have come to Montgomery County for refuge and healing: who are ready for change. You are invited to gather at our table to feed the body and nourish souls, one plate at a time.

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