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Learning to Cook!

Using discipleship to treat addiction is not accomplished through in depth studies and powerpoints alone. It’s about application and cultivating a heart to serve others (and of course the work of The Holy Spirit). Two of our residents overcame doubts and frustration in the kitchen today as they prepared a mealtime roast for the house, which neither had ever cooked before. They discovered a “what not to do” with chicken bouillon cubes and valuable lessons about patience and time management.

One of them comments, “At first it was intimidating. I was unsure because I never made one and I doubted myself. But we were guided through it and it turned out!.. I learned to work with a [powerful choleric] personality and to ask for help. I also learned to be prepared the night before for what I’m going to cook and research it!” Her helper adds that “It was stressful because there were people in here trying to tell us how to do things who didn’t know either, but then Verny (our Servant Leader) came in and saved us!.. And I got to use the 4 Rules of Communication.”

At TTG, we teach the 4 Rules of Communication found in scripture for times exactly as these, where stressors are high and we are tempted to react or speak without using the eyes of Christ. Here we got to see it play out in a real life scenario and we couldn’t be more proud of the way our senior residents handled correction, instruction, and a situation where they could have easily been overwhelmed. What good examples! It is not about striving to attain perfection (which is impossible in this life) but rather walking in a spirit of perseverance through the hope of Christ. Thanking Jesus all the way! And if you’re wondering, the roast was fall-apart in your hands, juicy, flavorfully delicious! (with only a few pieces of foil to pluck out!)

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