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The Bride of Christ

Here a graduate is pictured adorning her graduation ring on the day of her wedding. The ring is a constant reminder of Christ’s redeeming work. Yes, even in addiction He reigns. It was a special day for everyone involved and yet another step away from the darkness of living at enmity with God. Our souls cry out for redemption and it is evident in the brokenness of the world, in the death and decay of all things, in the dissention of our collective conscience, and in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Addiction is not the problem or a disease. It is merely a symptom of the only problem we’ve ever had: rebellion against God. When we rest in the truth that Jesus Christ came and paid the ransom for our lives by taking the punishment for our sin, we are free to walk in His forgiveness. Nothing you have ever done is beyond the mercy of Jesus Christ. When we hear the call of our Creator we recognize that He is the only way, the truth, and the life. Only then may we be given incomprehensible peace and sealed as citizens of heaven. Only then do our hearts become an overflow of thankfulness and praise. Only then do we revel as the old passes away and the new begins. In Him, we are recipients of Grace.

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