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Getting back her License!

At Through The Gate, we do our best to help our graduates continue to be successful with the resources that we have. Donations make it possible to sustain our program and help women get back on their feet. Many times getting their license is a big first hurdle in that journey and we were happy to see Hollie achieve this goal!

Hollie on getting her license back:

"In my last few months at Through The Gate I attempted to get my license back. I knew it would be a difficult task to achieve. I owed a lot of money to the bmv, so I decided to try and have the fees waived by the courts. In the beginning I got the run around about how and where to file the paperwork so I could get the process started.Through The Gate encouraged me to keep trying and to pray (if the Lord willed it) to please open the doors to get the process going. Shortly after that everything started coming together. A week or so later I received a letter from the courts setting my hearing and immediately told my Through the gate family! They helped me get to court and told me to trust the Lord. When I was able to show the judge I was serious about turning my life around she waived all my fees! I then learned I had to redo the knowledge test and the drivers test. Through The Gate gave me the manual to study and had me focus on one thing at a time. I was uncertain how this would play out because I don't have a car. A day after taking and passing the knowledge test the new house manager Bella Lee took me and allowed me to use her van. I was a little nervous when we got to the bmv. I passed the test, I believe the Lord is sovereign over all things and that me having my license lined up with the plan He has for me."

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