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Introducing Our First Servant Leaders!

This summer (2020) we are excited to have started up our new Servant Leadership Training program! Eligible graduates will have the opportunity to stay on board for an additional 9 month commitment to be discipled, serve, and lead at Through The Gate. Alisha and Lavern are pioneering the course and we are blessed to have them on board! When asked what drew her to the opportunity Alisha stated, “I wanted to grow in the Lord and to give back in servanthood to the program that I graduated from”, she adds that "It has been an adjustment because it’s like having a real job. But it’s good for me. My convictions are being strengthened through the studies that we are doing. The examples are very practical and relatable to my life experiences and that helps me to understand it better. I hope to grow more spiritually!”

Lavern was admittedly hesitant to accept, stating "I prayed about it, thought about it, cried about it, for about a week. I spent a lot of time being still and came to the conclusion that it was a way to serve and learn more about being a Christian. I didn't want to do it myself and didn't want to listen [to what God was telling me], then my heart changed." After a month into the training, she reflects on her progress: "I never thought I was judgemental but I've learned that I am. I thought I was just honest and read people well, but I don't. I thought I was right all the time... The SLT program is making me take a harder look at myself."

We are thankful God is continuing to open doors and grow us at Through The Gate! And we are amazed by the works of His hands in our disciples and our supporters. Our donors have made it possible to disciple women through addiction and give them new lives and opportunities. Our gratitude is immeasurable! All of the glory goes to Him.

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