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Walmart Optical Gives Back

3 women holding baskets full of donations
Walmart Optical gives back to Through The Gate

Walmart Optical Lab gives back through a crew of generous souls. Natalie and her team answered our needs by coming together to provide donations to our women's home! We are always to amazed by the kindness and generosity of community members, to take the time to help those in need.

It means a lot to the ladies in the program to see this kind of compassion pour in from outside these walls. It shows them that people out there do care, that they haven't been forgotten or tossed aside, and that they can also become charitable members of their own community one day. We often hear them say, "I hope someday I can do something like this for others too." Therein lies the ripple effect of change! If every action produces a reaction, let your actions flow from a heart of love! If you or your group feels inspired to give, you can see our updated needs list by following this link >>

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